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Graphite Badminton Racket T-2001

Graphite Badminton Racket T-2001

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Unleash your full potential on the badminton court with our lightweight and single body graphite racket. 🏸 Crafted with precision and innovation, this lightweight powerhouse is designed to enhance your performance on the court. 💪 The graphite construction provides exceptional strength, allowing for powerful smashes and accurate shots. 🎯 The head and the shaft of the badminton racket is a single body that delivers more aerodynamic performance overall and keeps it from breaking during clashes. It’s sturdy and gives you a very good grip while playing. Experience unparalleled control and responsiveness with every swing, giving you the edge over your opponents. 🌟

This graphite badminton racket with cover has the following specifications-
Frame and shaft material - Hi Modulus Carbon Graphite
Frame size - Diamond Frame Size
Weight - 82 grams
Grip size - 4 inch (G2)
Head size - 62 sq. inch
Length - 67.5 cm or 26.5 inch
Beam Width – 200 mm
Shaft Flexibility – Mid-flexibility
String pattern - 22 x 22
Tension - 11.5-13 kg or 26-28 lbs
Color - Yellow

Don't miss out on this amazing lightweight and powerful graphite badminton racket to take your badminton game to the next level.

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