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Cricket Season Ball

A season ball is a term used in cricket to refer to a high-quality, standardized ball that is used in official matches played over a full season or tournament. Two teams take turns to bat and bowl, and each team gets to use one new ball at the start of their innings.

A season ball is typically a hard, leather ball that is used in professional and international cricket matches and have strict specifications regarding their weight, size, shape, and stitching. It is designed to provide consistent performance (bounce, swing, and spin) throughout the match, and to maintain their shape and hardness even after prolonged use.

The use of a season ball is important in ensuring fair play and maintaining the integrity of the game, as it allows for a level playing field for both batting and bowling teams. It also enables players to develop their skills and adapt their tactics based on the ball's behavior and characteristics, such as its swing, spin, and seam movement.

The term "season ball" comes from the fact that a new ball is used at the start of each cricket season. In professional cricket, the ball is usually replaced after a certain number of overs, as it tends to get scuffed and loses its effectiveness over time. However, in amateur or recreational cricket, the ball may be used for longer periods, depending on the quality of the ball and the level of play.

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